Welcome to The Night School

Lessons in the mysteries, myths, and magic of being human.

The Night School

There's something about the night. 
The world gets quiet,
and your ability to hear your intuition sharpens.

Connect with the power of the night: the moonlight that helps us see into our own shadows, the dreams which reveal our inner-longings, and the darkness which expands our minds so we can explore the mysteries of being human. 

Enroll in the school your teachers never told you about.

The Night School is a mythical university that teaches things left out of a typical school curriculum— things you can only see with your eyes half closed in the pale glow of moon shine and only feel in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is long asleep. Use the nighttime hours to connect with yourself, the world of spirit, and the patterns of the universe. 

Instead of giving you rules to follow, The Night School teaches about archetypes and myth, the cycles that exist within the natural world, and the thoughts of centuries of philosophers. Use these tools to craft your own answers to life’s most persistent mysteries… and by doing so step into the magic that exists side by side with our daytime reality...

Experience increased awareness and deep connection to the world around you, a profound alignment with your own sense of spirit, and a firmer grasp on how to stay centered and curious as you explore both the magic and madness of the modern world. 

What's Included

Enjoy three bite-sized lessons a week delivered via email.

Meet like-minded souls to discuss lessons and deepen exploration.

Join special events, see exclusive videos, and hear (stellar!) guest lecturers... 

And so much more!

Meet Your Headmaster

Join Maia Toll, author of the successful Wild Wisdom Series, which includes The Illustrated Herbiary, The Illustrated Bestiary, and The Illustrated Crystallary (coming June 2020). Maia's the owner of Herbiary, a multi-city natural wellness store that sells supplies for sacred living, a spiritual teacher and blogger, and “a real life Professor Sprout from Harry Potter” according to Forbes magazine. She believes that medicine can be crafted not only from plants but also from words, which she carefully strings into stories to soothe the soul and mend the spirit. This is the philosophy that guides The Night School.

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